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First Impressions

by Kharisma

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This little piece was done as a side project while I worked on my next EP. After Elyon and I had finished "Mirrors" I had wanted to take a break away from rapping to focus on learning new things. Lo and behold, it had led me to wonderful, wonder-filled world of beat production! However, no matter how much focus I directed towards beat-smithing, I would still feeling hunger pangs for lyrics.

So here it is. A compilation of songs that were made between "Mirrors" and now. Some were made as a result of just mucking around, but there are also some that are very dear to me.

Hope you enjoy them!


released October 7, 2014

A massive thank you to my family over at Roots of Society Records. A lot of my talented label mates have kindly allowed me to use their work on this project, therefore it would literally not have been possible without them. Also, I have utmost gratitude to the people whom also featured on the songs as well. Words cannot express how grateful I am to work with such talented people.

All Songs written by Kharisma (except chorus on "Why Not Me", written by Ehwhenkeem)

01. Note to Self (Prod by Kkaytoh)
02. After 12 (Prod by Seion)
03. Beneath the Surface (Prod by Larkz)
04. Chillin' (Prod by Slim the Chemist)
05. Offbeat (Prod by BeNeVoLeNcE)
06. Why Not Me? (Prod by Elyon)
07. See You Again (Prod by BeNeVoLeNcE)
08. Clarity (Prod by Joseph Jacobs **Additional Strings by Kharisma**)
09. Bonus Track (Prod by BeNeVoLeNcE)



all rights reserved


Kharisma Melbourne, Australia

Hi, I'm Kharisma.

Low-level beat smith and competent song-write.

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Track Name: Note to Self
Written by Kharisma
Produced by Kkaytoh

Verse 1
They said to do something different, thats what they told me from the get-go
break away from the status quote, let go
and run, with groove that you are feeling in your soul
untainted by the world, and everything you know

Let it flow, don’t fight the current of your spirit
if you hear it, you can feel it, influence your inner being
just believe it, take a chance and trust your soul with it
Embrace it with your heart and let your art flow through it

Can you see it in their stares? Can you feel it in the air?
It’s that feeling that you get, when you’re suddenly aware
That the only one that cares, is you
so take that dream that you are keeping, go ahead and make it true

No one’s gonna do it for you, so tell me why you’re waiting
There’s a world out there and it is yours for the taking
So, go ahead and be the best you can be
and I promise you the world will see

It don't matter where we go now
Even if we fall down
Just remember we can turn it all around
If we focus
If the doors locked, kick it open

Because if we try
I know we'll get by
I know you see
The fire in my eyes

and let it shine
let it shine
let it shine.

Verse 2
I can’t count how many hours that I’ve wasted
staying complacent, mistaking it with patience
Thinking that everything happens in time
It’s only true to a certain degree, you can take it from me

Because while you sit and watch the clock, eventually you will stop, and count all
the seconds, minutes and hours that you have lost
and you will see that as the hands continue to press on
you should’ve progressed too, onto something that’s beyond

your reality, so I’m hoping that you’re hearing this
o that you can take notes from my personal experience
because really, I was wasting all my energy (wasting it on what)
on a series of activities that wouldn’t get me anything

Thinking about the money that I’m saving from the job I hate
and trying to figure what I can take with me beyond the grave
Not a cent, so if I died today
I’d be pretty angry at the fact, that I had let my time go to waste

In this rat race, I was moving at a snails pace
Trailing in the dust, learning exactly how the Earth tastes
in the worst way, and now shedding all the dead weight
And now running down the last stretch gunning for that first place
Track Name: After 12
Written by Kharisma
Produced by Seion

Verse 1
It only happens when my head and pillow get accquainted
And my mind travels off into the distance
I'm thinking, of all things that get me through the day
And the only thing I see, is a vision of your face

Wow, what a sight to behold
A true spectacle made from divinities mould
Look, I'm not the most religious of folk
But I think you're kinda like the angels in the stories they told. (it's true)

You've got a smile that can only be concieverd in a dream
You could probably make a blind man see
Probably give hearing to the deaf and an asthmatic breath
With every little sentence you speak

I know it all sounds crazy
But lately, I've been feeling so connected to a lady
who resides on a plane that transcends what we know
In a place where we go, when the moon says hello

When I’m alone
and I begin to fall asleep
I take a look into my dreams and you’re the only one I see
Ain’t no way, I would let the sun take you
Ain’t no way, I can stay, but I’ll try to
Ain’t no way
Even when the morning comes creeping
I’ll be counting down till the time we will be meetin

Verse 2
I won’t deny that it bothers me
Wishing I could stay asleep, knowing you are here with me
Damn, I thinking of the things that I would say
if I ever had the chance to really take you on a date

I would compliment you on the dress you wear
Say I love the style of your hair
lean in for a kiss and right before we lock lips
we would freeze in that moment when it all becomes clear

That of all the people in all the towns
in all the countries, the world around
It’s so amazing, to think you share the same space
with your soul mate, knowing you were once far away

From each other
But now
in close proximity,
Feeling so aligned, vibrating to a frequency
that can only be defined as love
That universal force, with no logic in it’s course
it’s love

Verse 3
It only happens when the sun begins to rise
and its ray’s start to open up my eyes
I’m brought back to a world where you don’t exist
as the faint taste of your kiss lingers on my lips

Damn, I could have sworn it was reality
its hard to believe every moment was actually
a scene, from a film that my mind had directed
derived from a script that was written with intentions


Sending out a message to the cosmos
An S.O.S signal to the person that I need most
Hoping that you hear what I feel
and reply with a letter that you made sure to seal

With that
same kiss, that I felt on my cheek
on the eve of another mid summer nights dream
and from there I will know where to go
to place we all know, when the moon says hello.
Track Name: Beneath The Surface
Written by Kharisma
Produced by Larkz

Verse 1
Sometimes I wanna quit
Leave it all behind and let time break it down to bits
But even if I did, I often wonder if I could
Walk on without any regrets

Searching for purpose for a long time
Feeling like i've waited at the back of such a long line
Maybe I read the wrong sign, thinking that
I need the limelight to prove that I can shine bright.

How foolish, since when did the recognition
take priority over the need to share what I envisioned?
Thinking that is what an artist should made of?
Seeking validation in the approval of a stranger?

I think its time that I face it
Go back the way I came and return to the basics
Re-learn all the lessons I had taken
so can come back, refreshed and concentrated

I’ve been trying so damn hard but I can’t find which way to go
could help me on my travels down this very cold and lonely road
if you look beneath the surface, I can promise you will see
that I’m really not as strong as I have lead you to believe.

Verse 2
Do you remember learning how to ride a bike
and you kept falling down, struggling to get it right
when suddenly, it felt like it came to you so naturally
Balancing on your own, riding ever so happily

You didn’t have a care in the world
all that mattered, was you were so proud of, learning how to balance
Now looking back, on those days, they were care free
Wondering what changed, how it began to change me.

In retrospect, there was only one objective,
and if you made mistakes, you would work to correct them
If you fell, you would get up and try again
nowadays, I just keep wearing myself thin

There’s so many things I want to do
so I try to do them all, but its difficult to choose.
what I focus on, because I always try to go beyond
what my time allows, and now I don’t know the road I’m on.
Track Name: Chillin'
Written by Kharisma
Produced by Slim The Chemist

Verse 1
I’m sitting watching the stars, admiring how they shine
thinking about the world, and how I will make it mine
Eyes locked on my watch, anticipating the time
That my soul will unlock, the potential I have inside

You could try, to break my stride but I know
that you can’t stop me, from getting to where I’ll go
and I know this, thats why I never lose focus
I’m overcoming obstacles I do not even notice

That’s why, I’m chillin I’m chillin’ x3
Ain’t nothing in the world that could touch this feeling

Verse 2
Insert generic bar here about the way that I flow
and say I’m better than any rapper already know
then add a simile, a metaphor, just to prove I’m lyrically
iller than any emcee, that ever had the nerve to challenge me

I want to prove that rap can be used for something better
than inflating your own ego, to me that just sounds so evil
I wanna show the world, that we’re all in this together

I am, not the type to ever claim that I am better than
all these other rappers that say they’re slaying veterans
but, I can with confidence I’m different
Just a simple guy, tryna make himself a better man

That’s why, I’m chillin I’m chillin’ x3
Ain’t nothing in the world that could touch this feeling

Verse 3
I’m so tired of the usual act
of all these rappers claiming that they’re bringing it back
Because believe me, they don’t really care about raps
all they really care about's their social media stats

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll admit that I was doing the same
Trying everything I could to accumulate plays
Until I realised, that really what I wanted to say
couldn’t be framed by the songs I was trying make

Now I’m awake, aware that I need that I do stay original
and say, whats on my mind if really want to connect with you
So, I can be sure that I’ll remember what i rap for
and never lose touch with my roots like Black Thought
Track Name: Offbeat
Written by Kharisma
Produced by BeNeVoLeNcE

Verse 1
I’m going out of my mind every time you try to tell me I’m wrong
wasting time writing songs, telling me to move on
from this dream that I have and I keep so dear
I would’ve thought I made it clear that I have nothing to fear

because I, was always told from a very young age
that I was always destined to be great
I know it sounds typical of parents to say encouraging things
optimistic about the gifts that the future will bring

But I doubt they could see what was coming
their son would chase a dream and refuse to stop running
Thought at first it wasn’t worth it but they finally see
that this dream is what their son was always meant to achieve

However, not everybody sees it that way
I’m tired of what everyone says
Why chase music? There’s no money in that.
Just find a job and keep your finances in tact

I pity you people, I feel so liberated
To know the way I think isn’t money orientated
To know that I can find happiness in what I love
It’s rather safe to say I make music all because

I live my life by a simple rule of them
I know it sounds crazy and I know it sounds dumb
I’m marching to the beat of my very own drum X2

Verse 2
Don’t mistake this for hatred
this is just a mission statement
outlining what I aim to achieve when I make it
I don’t mean to sound abrasive, I am just concentrating
at looking underneath all the cracks in the pavement

I’m tired of your egocentric raps
over 808 kicks and synthetic claps
saying you should do this and you should do that
Do you have any idea where I’m mentally at?

I’ve got my eyes set on something further off in the horizon
Most people can’t see it, because the sun tends to blind them
They see the bright lights and it seems so enticing
unaware those fallacies won’t leave them enlightened

Claim to be unique, but they can’t see for themselves
that they are just doing the same thing as everybody else
I know that hip hop was built on the spirit of competition
but all you talk about is yourself, why should I listen?

Flex raps one after another
remix the next hit and get it featured on the front of
your favourite video site, I refuse to be another
Youtube artist, hiding under covers

We were born to stand out, I realise it now
so when you try to put me in a box, I will always smash it down
Your vision of success is when the money comes in
but I’ll only be content when I’m inspiring kids

I live my life by a simple rule of thumb
I know it sounds crazy and I know it sounds dumb
I’m marching to the beat of my very own drum
Track Name: Why Not Me (Feat. Ehwhenkeem)
Written by Kharisma & Ehwhenkeem
Produced by Elyon

Verse 1
10am and I’m staring at the ceiling
and I’m thinking, what is this chain of emotions that I’ve been feeling
On my soul lately, its my job maybe
the killer of creativity, messing with my ability

To write raps and make songs that connect with the soul
The shadow of my insecurities could swallow me whole
and I know, that I’m sounding kinda melodramatic
You can’t deny that when you want something you just gotta have it

That aside though, I’m often in a position
where I think I don’t deserve anything that I am given
I feel grateful, I really do
But who’s to say that what I get wasn’t actually meant for you

I really hate the way I think, its no wonder I’m lacking confidence
Constantly undermining the meaning of my accomplishments
Honestly I just wish I could give myself more respect
and tell the man in the mirror I deserve what I get

Why not try to push
And pull to figure out
There might be something that blocks the road

Maybe if I had a pen and paper
Then I could paint a better picture.

Verse 2
I wish that I could explain it, this mindset is outrageous
I wish that I could shift, adjust and rearrange it
I wish
That I could stop over-thinking everything
Because maybe then, I’d be able to appreciate the little things I’m blessed with

Now tell me, can you relate?
Too scared to enjoy something that could be taken away?
But can you blame me?
How am I to react?
When the same thing has always happened to me in the past?

Now just for once I would like to believe
That something so amazing could be destined for me
to think that
Fate could be someone who was really on my side
Instead of someone who was always gonna break my stride

And I know

I’m feeling really sorry for myself
and all the over-thinking’s detrimental to my health
But, in the midst of it I’m thinking
I could only drown if I continue sinking and so


Why not try to push
And pull to figure out
There might be something that blocks the road

Maybe if I had a pen and paper
Then I could paint a better picture.

Verse 3
I met a girl the other day and she was beautiful
No matter what I wanted to say, it felt unsuitable
to speak my mind and tell her how she moved my soul
Until she told me I was somebody she’d like to get to know

Now am I dreaming?

There’s no way that this is happening
The universe is probably trying to have a laugh again
Playing another joke by putting this girl in front of me
Just so I could get to know her and he’ll take her away from me

But what if this is all in my head?
And she genuinely seems to be interested instead?
I know its been a long time and it is so rare
but who’s to say that possibility is not there?

I mean

I like to think this time will be different
Maybe this timeline will lead to a better end
I’m trying to calm this feeling in my chest
Fingers crossed, now I’m just hoping for the best.
Track Name: See You Again (Feat. Christian Joseph)
Written by Kharisma
Produced by BeNeVoLeNcE
Featuring Christian Joseph

Verse 1
I see it so vividly
let me take you back to a childhood memory
I don’t know if you remember me
but I remember you, and the way I felt that evening

We were young, I was 9 years old
you were 12, we were lying out in the cold
on a trampoline, staring at the stars in the night sky
talking about anything we could, watching time fly

As you lay by my side
I got lost in the moon that was reflected in your eyes
and I felt something strange, something brand new
Never had I seen a girl as beautiful as you

Butterflies in my tummy, as I listen to you speak
In my head, all I wanted was to kiss you on the cheek
but instead, I was quiet, silently enjoying it
treasuring this moment with my very first crush


If I never see
you again

Would there be a chance?
that you'd remember me?

‘cause even if you
don’t recall my name

I just hope that you would say
its nice to see you again

Verse 2
Whoever thought that we would meet again
two people locked in a beautiful coincidence
I want to ask if you remember when
we first met, back in those early times of innocence

Through the years I used to wonder
where you were, how you’ve been, and if at times you’d tend ever wander
down that little street, that people call memory lane
and you’d pass by a window where you could maybe see my face

I know its unlikely, and I don’t really expect you to
consider as special as I did when I was there with you
because honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing
I was just happy knowing that it wasn’t all a dream

To experiencing something so very beautiful
Even though I know, that it probably isn’t mutual
So from me to you, sincerely
I want to say thank you for the memory
Track Name: Clarity
Written by Kharisma
Produced by Joseph Jacobs

I want to change the world, from the inside out

So I’m starting with me
It took a little time, to try and clear my doubts
but now I finally see

That every issue that I had, and every battle I fought
was just another line of irrational thoughts
conjured up, by my conscious to deal with the fear
that my plans for the future were never really clear

But I see it now
I’m saying good bye to the doubts that I had
and I’m setting out

to the world of the unknown, on my own
taking in the scenic route

I’m thinking of the things that I could see with my own two eyes
wondering if they could be, as beautiful as they seem
when I see them in my dreams

For the longest time, I’ve been fighting with myself
Screaming at the stars, for the cards that I was dealt
Begging for a chance, but I didn’t understand
that the universe was tryna make me a better man

I can’t promise that I won’t fall.
But I can swear on my life, that I will give it my all
I’m not perfect, but as long as I’m alive and I am breathing
I’ll strive to be somebody that you truly can believe in

Because I know how it feels
when you’re down and out, tired from the endless ordeals
Questioning your purpose, wondering if its all worth it
Searching everywhere you can, for something that is real

Something beyond what they say you should aspire to
Something meaningful, something to inspire you
I believe, there’s gotta be a happiness beyond material possessions
And so I always ask the question

Is it worth it? Can I find it?
How do I search for it when I can't seem to define it?
Some say turn to God for direction
But we've spoken many times, and it's always the same lesson

He says...

It's all on you.
I gave you the potential, you just have to see it through
Don't believe when they tell you, you should put nothing above me
Do right by your fellow man, that's how I know you love me

So I’m taking his word for all it’s worth
and setting off in search of my purpose here on Earth
I don’t know how long it will take
but I’ve realised that, for as long as I am afraid

There’s nothing to be achieved
There’s nothing that can be earned
and nothing that can be taught
unless I’m willing to learn
No progress that can be made
No destination to set
Unless I try to be brave
In order to take that step


the home that everyone can recognise
And see the world through the scope of a different lens
See the world through a set of very different eyes
if I even hope to make the slightest l difference

I grew up in a house full of people that love me
in a country, where we never go hungry
So in this land of opportunity, the only thing that’s stopping me
is myself, and honestly, I’m done with it

So I’m taking a leaf out of MJ’s book
Saw the man in the mirror, and with just one look
I knew
That to change the world, I gotta look within
Beneath the clothes and body that I’m existing in

Start from there and the people that you know
Stay positive, stand back and watch it all grow
Realize it's all a gradual change
After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day

We are all...

Living pieces of infinity
drifting through a universe of endless possibilities
And in your obscurity
You hold the very power that you need to pave the way towards your very own destiny

I don’t want to be a preacher, I just want to be teacher
to inspire everyone to always be free thinker.
In a world that is always trying to tell you, you are weak
I want to tell you now, you’re the most important piece.