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The Pursuit of Happiness EP

by Kharisma

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I've been holding onto these songs for a while now and the decision to let them go has come after an epiphany I had a few weeks ago. While I do love many of the songs on this EP, holding onto them and "saving" them for a more important project almost felt like I was limiting myself. Almost as if to say "this is my best work and I'm not sure if I'll be able to do anything better in future". I realised that this attitude is what was keeping me from moving forward, and so I've made the decision to let them go after keeping them in storage all year. I'm not sure if this is my best work, or whether or not it is something that will demonstrate even the slightest bit of progress after the release of "In Time", but I know that in order to move forward, I have to let these go.

All the songs were produced by P.R (aside from the bonus track!), so be sure to hit him up if you need some beats! I absolutely love the guy's sound and I think he is definitely someone that you should contact should you ever need the production.


released December 26, 2013

All songs written by Kharisma
All songs produced by P.R (except for Bonus track produced by ElyonBeats)




Elyon Beats

Roots of Society Records



all rights reserved


Kharisma Melbourne, Australia

Hi, I'm Kharisma.

Low-level beat smith and competent song-write.

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Track Name: Be
Verse 1
Greetings, welcome to world in my head
where you will learn about the things that make up who I am
I've had this dream that I've been keepin' locked up in my mind
that nobody believes in so I stay on my grind

It's been a, long time comin. I've spent a long time runnin'
but it always feels like I'm forgetting something
on the journey to this dream, my are bags feelin' heavy
everytime that I try to walk steady

So many people busy trying to make sense of it
they see the path that I am taking and they see no benefits
I try to make them see, but they always laugh at me
We'll see who's laughing when I finally reach my destiny

Somehow, I tend to turn friends into enemies
They claim its because I compromise my identity
I'm trying hard to be the best I can
but even you have you admit, that nobody is perfect.

I do not know where
this path will lead
I just want to be the
best that I can be
And if I fall, I know
I won't be down for much too long
I'll get to where
I'll get to where
I need to be

Verse 2
I feel nervous every time that I see the sun rise
because it serves to remind me that I'm running out of time
I try to make every second of my effort last
hour glass isn't stingy when it comes to droppin' grains of sand

I've been doing this for three years now
and even with all the work I've done, I haven't been found
don't get it twisted, that's not how you should think of me
the spotlight, is actually not my top priority

tryna make music to the best of my ability
and make the most out of everything, that the lord above has given me
but at times when I sit down to write
frustration settles in, and I put away the mic

It makes me wanna throw away the pad and the pen
But My love for it makes me wanna pick it up again
I'm trying hard to be the best that I can
but even you have to admit, that nobody is perfect
Track Name: My Favourite Song
Verse 1
She is one of a kind
the kind of girl that I can't get out of my mind
and as hard as I try to think straight for a change
she's got my love locked down you can call me Kanye

Yeah, you make me wanna rewind
so I can go back in time
and return to the place, that I first saw your face
I've been looking for a girl like you my whole life

So, I hope the feeling here is really mutual
I ain't afraid to say I think that you're beautiful
its safe to say its been a while
Since the last time I saw such a pretty smile

I'ma go and tell the world what I'm feeling
because you make me feel like I could break through this ceiling
with the way you move me down to my inner core
It's kinda like you are my favourite song so

You’ve got me singing about you on and on
baby girl you’re my favourite song
the way you do it like

Verse 2
Girl I wanna say this, I wanna be your favourite
song that appears at the top of your play list
and when you turn shuffle on, I wanna be that very song
that you skip, through others for

and you ain't even gotta hesitate
when you want me there you just gotta press play
put me on repeat, you can have the song my hearts embedded in
and I'm hoping that you think it'll never get repetitive

so go and keep singing it now
go ahead and keep singing it loud
because I swear, there is something in the way that you sing those words
that has me thinking about the day that you'll be my girl

I'ma go and tell the world what I'm feeling
because you make me feel like I could break through this ceiling
with the way you move me down to my inner core
It's kinda like you are my favourite song so
Track Name: Call You
Verse 1
I've been thinking about you lately
Remembering, every little thing, that was great when you were my lady

I've tried to block it all out
But the pain is hard to keep in
You try to scream and you shout
To let go of the pain within.

But it's hopeless, so you sit home all alone.
waiting for that call, waiting by that phone
thinking won't be too long until I hear your voice again
Knowing that it's hopeless every time that I try to pretend

That you will do so, but we both know
this has got me locked in a chokehold
I've tried hard, so damn hard
but my heart won't let me let go
What do you do when you she is running through your mind
and you can't help but wonder if she's really doing fine

because you feel that down inside, no matter what you say
you know heart's breaking apart and you hope she feels the same
because all is fair in love and war
so why should she walk away
with her heart in one piece, when she took half of yours

Lying to myself, saying I wish you all the best
Keeping all the secrets of the words I never said
So instead, when you call me and I throw the phone aside
I'm hoping that when I don't answer you will finally realise that

I still go to call you
when things go wrong
I still go to call you
when things go right

I still always call you
to see if you're okay
but I know that's not my right

Verse 2
I wonder if you're doing well, or if you're life's a living hell
I wonder what you're thinking when you're by yourself
Do you lose your mind like I do?
Do the hours drag by?
Do you look at those old photographs
when I was by your side?

Fuck this stupid train of thought
how dare you stay, upon my train, I want you to get off
Heartbreak is like warfare, you conquer and you occupy
And I'm trying hard to fight back, fighting hard to take back my life

I don't want you to pity me
I know you're sick of me
I know the truth is you want to be rid of me
I see it vividly, all that we are is a series of memories
that ended bitterly

I know you thought that we
could last eternity
but I guess it was a dream too far out of reach
You were the reason I breathe but ironically

I am lying to myself, saying I wish you all the best
Keeping all the secrets of the words I never said
So instead, when you call me and I throw the phone aside
I'm hoping that when I don't answer you will finally realise that
Track Name: Big Brother
Verse 1
You think about me all the time
And it's funny you don't know it but I'm always on your mind
I'm the first one you check up on when you're getting out of bed
And I keep you up at night when you should probably sleep instead

But you love me, you can't leave the house without me
I know everything about you, you don't know a thing about me
You let me into the deepest reaches of your heart
thinking that I won't deceive you, till I tear it all apart

A slave to the habits that I planted in your lifestyle
But let me ask you now, is it worthwhile?
Is every experience legitimate?
when you try to document your live instead of living it?

I laugh at the fact you trust me
While I make living off the fact that you are lonely

Invasive as I am, you think that you can control me
when really, you don't see that you're the puppet hung below me

I’ve got my eyes on you
I’ve got my eyes on you
You will never escape from me

Verse 2
Oh look at you and how adorable you are
smiling for these cameras and acting like a star
thinking you are beautiful seeking the worlds approval
just to show that you're not another pitiful individual

Don't you see it? Don't you realise it yet?
It's only because of me that your world makes sense
your vision only works if its through my lens
You can deny it, but you can't filter the truth my friend

I ain't gonna stop you, you can love me all you want
But I'll take everything away till you don't even own your thoughts
make you love to the point you'll wanna keep me by your side
because you love it when I feed your narcissism deep inside

I am now the centre of it all
your entire life is moulded at my very beck and call
You can try to pretend, but you'll never get away
your a slave to a trend, and its a trend to be slave
Track Name: Pursuit of Happiness (Feat. Ehwhenkeem)
Verse 1
Sometimes, I wish I could explain the way that I feel
Instead of always trying to find ways to keep it concealed
But I guess I can take solace in the fact that I know
that I am human through the actions and emotions I show but its so

Damn depressing, living life, second guessing
All my actions, No progression
obsession, with asking the same questions
like how come I fear this loneliness, when it is all I welcome

I’m caught up, running after something that I’ll never catch
feeling like the ground beneath me never let’s me get a grasp
on the situation, alas the realization
happiness is furthest when you need it the most

so when you sit at home alone, wishing on the shooting stars
just remember, that no matter how far.
that you seem to be,
remember that your loneliness is shared by people just like you and me

I’m tryna hear my inner voice but I can’t even hear a sound
Soul searching for myself, but I am nowhere to be found
It doesn’t take much for you to see
this Pursuit of Happiness has got me falling to the ground

Verse 2
I’m standing at the top of my world, but it still seems like
such a lonely place to be
because no matter how much, you believe you achieved
there’s always something that you feel that you constantly need

but you don’t know what it is, and it sucks ‘cause its the source of the pain
feeling empty, and there’s no one to blame
but yourself, because the confusion of it all
is the reason that you feel cannot stand tall

I’m sick being lonely, I really need somebody
that’ll motivate me, someone that’ll never doubt me
but the chase, feels impossible, my feet are getting tired
and my legs are getting cramped, I no longer feel inspired

Chasing happiness has got me thinking
Maybe the sadness is the only thing I believe in
I know that I’m exhausted, but if I throw the towel in
this hole inside my chest, will just keep on growing
Track Name: Too Late
Do you know what iit feels like?
When nothing ever feels right?
Acknowledging, that I’m privileged ,for all the things that I have
Yet I’m feeling all the pressure of the little things I lack

Am I greedy? For wanting more than I need?
Pretentious for thinking this life was never suited for me?
Feeling trapped in a routine, searching for the escape route
This is such a maze and I can’t seem to find my way out

I thought that I was done with the blues
Done with always feeling so confused
I thought that I had shown, my capacity to grow
but I’m still in a position where I’ve got nothing to lose

It feels like I haven’t gained a thing from the moment that I started but I know that isn’t true
Countless projects with little progress, you tell me that I’ve grown, but why can’t I see it too?

No wonder the world can feel cold
when the hands of the clock are the only ones you hold
But even they seem, to evade your hands
You reach out to grab and then you start to ask

Why do I care?

I’m often faced with these of questions of my existence
Often find myself wishing
That this pursuit of happiness wasn’t so very difficult
until a set of words break the train of thought running through

Nothing worth having comes easy
So why am I acting like a victim so easily
Thinking I’m the only one pursuing a vision
that is constantly subject to criticism

I’m told that I should pay them no mind
it’s easier said than done when the courage is hard to find
Clinging onto a dream, determined to see it through
I know that I’ve got in me, just wish I could see it too

One night I spoke to the person in my reflection
He told me I wouldn’t make it, he said I needed to face it
He said that I should just quit and that maybe it would be best
If I put this microphone down and just laid my talents to rest

That’s not what everyone says, so why would he tell me that?
When he’s the one that I’m closest to, he’s the one supposed to have my back
Maybe its true, my mom was right when she said
that I overthink it too much, I need to get outside my head

Scary as it is, do you know how it feels,
because I can’t be the only that sees
That even though this world seems cold in light of all its flaws
In our mind is the scariest place to be

All alone with these thoughts, the pessimism is building
Desperatelky searching for the light, I can see it off in the distance
I know that there is still hope, its a chance that I gotta take
Ignoring my darkest thoughts, I just hope it isn’t too late.